About Megan



I’m Megan Chappell, former educator turned corporate ladder climber, turned yoga teacher, turned personal trainer + fitness expert + Nike yoga ambassador, and founder of TruHarmony Yoga, Inc., & TRU by Megan, Inc. Whew…that’s a lot of turns!

But, perhaps you can relate….I spent my entire 20’s exploring ME both professionally and personally, even though I was completely unaware of that the entire decade.I thought that the more I ‘moved to the top’ in my career, that meant more success.

I thought that the more I ‘fell in and out of love’ (aka dating everyone within a 3 mile radius of 60614 zip code) meant THE ONE would eventually show up, right?

I thought that working out at at a gym day in and day out….running on a treadmill, doing some triathlons here and there meant I’d have ‘the best body ever.’  That’s what all 20 something’s did, right?

Well, nearly half a decade later, I look back at those ten impactful years with pure gratitude and honor – for those are some of the most formative years of my life.

 Because without those experiences, I would never be in the personal loans des moines most intimate and connected relationship with myself like I am today.  Without those experiences, I would never have ARRIVED at my career. 

If I hadn’t dated the 20 something’s with a 773 area code, I wouldn’t have LOVED me first and found my soul mate, the love of my life.

Instead of being that hamster on a wheel at the gym every day, I honored a friend’s request to take my first hot yoga class at the ripe age of 29.  And THAT has forever changed my life. 

 At the time, I thought….’why workout in a hot box, sweat with strangers, and not hear any music?  No thanks.’

 But…as I’m sure you can relate, I was SO OVER the trendy, short-lived quick fixes that I latched onto at the gym, at hippy or gypsy owned yoga studios, and at the franchise box ‘yoga studios’ (aka a gym with yoga classes on the hour every hour 24/7).

 Not my cup of tea!

 Low and behold…..I latched on to the hot yoga trend. After all, it got me away from the hamster wheel at the gym and I started to FEEL amazingly strong simply by being able to stay in a 105-degree room for 90 straight minutes (with only two water breaks in between the start and end of class)! And I really loved walking out of that workout drenched in sweat just knowing I was detoxifying and cleansing my entire body.

 But…my ADD brain still wanted more….like, MUSIC, inspiration, and some freaking energy!!!  I love Bikram for simply introducing me to hot yoga, but dude….lighten up – have some fun….it’s YOGA…  !!

Mostly, I wanted some sort of spiritual component added into my workout.  I was becoming more in tune with ME, growing wiser and craving a deeper connection with my own self.  Can’t I get all of that while torching 500+ calories and flowing to Jay-Z’s Holy Grail remix?

Couldn’t find anything near all of that. I practiced all over Chicago, Boston, NYC, California, etc..and while I’ve experienced and trained with phenomenal yoga Masters and ambassadors of all things wellness and fitness, I just knew what made me feel AMAZING and it just wasn’t anywhere….EXCEPT WITHIN ME!

Why not create experiences that….

  • require others to focus on their inner guide as a compass both physically and spiritually
  • empower the best teachers in the city to guide and inspire others to dig deeper?
  • involve challenging the physical body in order to see changes in the physical body?
  • educate others on how to flow through life with confidence and ease?
  • tap into their own spirituality that can be infused in real life scenarios?
  • make others FEEL GOOD & LOOK their best selves?

AND BOOM!!!….TruHarmony Yoga, Inc. and TRU by Megan, Inc. were born!!!

 I mean, why not, right?  I can’t be the ONLY one craving these type of real life experiences, right??  And even if I am, well, my TIME WAS NOW – it was my calling to expose this to the masses!  I know it’s transformed my life, so I’ve GOT TO SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN.

Whether I’m creating, loving, cooking, breathing, teaching, or learning, I’m at my best – I’m LOVING every part of ME and I LONG for others to feel this exact feeling.  Life is way too short to feel anything less than this.

I arrive by planting my feet in anything and everything that makes me happy. If I’ve given it my best and it doesn’t work out, I honor that experience with gratitude as it steers me towards the next path along my journey that requires my navigation.

 I’m obviously a lover of yoga and of all things wellness – I love the awareness that movement and mindset brings into my life – not because it’s the proverbial “way of living,” but because of how it makes me feel. Getting on my mat is only part of it, though…it’s getting in my head, heart & soul that truly ‘gets’ me ON my mat.

 Basically, I’ve learned that if you can FEEL it, you can HEAL it.  Mind AND body.  So, I made it my mission to share this with others.  I’ve learned that payday loans hays ks inspiration and transformation is the only way to live life to the fullest.  Loving and respecting you INSIDE and out leaves you no other option but to inspire others to LIVE & LOVE their most fulfilled lives.

Professional Bio

Megan Chappell  has been an avid yogi for years, but she truly fell in love with the Baptiste tradition of hot Power Vinyasa Yoga just three years ago. Megan has experimented with several elements and styles of yoga through studying and training under yogisBryan KestMaster Jason Campbell, renowned holistic healer, Megumi Sager, and of course, her muse and inspiration, Baron Baptiste. She completed her 200-hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training certification through Yoga Alliance and is a certified AFFA / ACE / ACSMA, PTNC personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Megan has led several yoga workshops and seminars nation-wide and across Chicago, and she also teaches private yoga, pre-natal, post-natal, rehabilitative, mommy-and-me yoga, and her signature classes around Chicago including her TRU Sculpt & TRU Flow plus, her monthly TRU Power experience. Named one of Chicago’s mot inspirational and motivational entrepreneurs of Chicago by TimeOut Chicago Maginzine, Megan Chappell is the Former Owner of TruHarmony Yoga Inc. & the current Founder of TRU by Megan.